A Message from Dr. Nico on Labor Day

Labor Day is a very special day for Dr. Nico. So he wanted to share his thoughts on what makes it so special with you.

Here is an audio he made for the Trunited Nation this Labor Day… Just press play. 🙂

“Labor Day is a very special day for me.

Seven years ago, on Labor Day, we opened our first Risas Dental and Braces.

On that day, we provided free care to anyone and everyone who took the time to visit us. We continue this tradition to this day through our Labor of Love event. Today, like with every Labor Day, every Risas practice provides free dental care to any person who visits from 8 am until noon. It’s on a first-come, first serve basis, it is open to anyone, and it is absolutely free.

This amazing event has confirmed two things for me over time. One, free care is a great way to make a positive impact in the community. Two, it’s also a great way to sustain that impact; to introduce new people to a better system that benefits them long-term.

Over these seven short years, I have found great success by continually offering customers better options than they had ever had before. And by empowering doctors and team members to work smarter in the service of customers, we help them find unparalleled financial success.

We work together to make things better for each other, and it pays off for everyone.

It’s as simple as that.

And it has proven to work, year after year.

Yes… Labor Day is a very special day for me.

Two years ago, on Labor Day, I launched the first version of Trunited.

I did so with the same heart and the same mindset as I had with Risas.

Disruption to an industry sorely needing disruption.

The opportunity for those who are willing to put in the energy to do things in a smarter way…those willing to commit to being members of a team…to find unparalleled success.

Free access to something that can change the lives of average, hard-working Americans.

I always wanted Trunited to be free, and you can trace that back to the Labor of Love concept.

The truth is…There is no shortage of businesses out there who offer the potential to earn significant money. All you have to do is stock your garage with product first and pay a large fee for marketing materials.

There is also no shortage of businesses out there who offer the potential to earn money for free.

I designed Trunited to be the rare platform that offers the upside of the businesses you have to pay big bucks to join, with the free entry of the platforms who give back very little in value.

And in two years, we have moved towards my goal of one million households making $500 per month with great strides. More importantly, we have done so without compromising that vision.

We don’t create barriers of entry. We don’t build our businesses on the backs of others’ sacrifice.

We work together to make things better for each other, and it pays off for everyone.

It’s just as simple as that.

The more people who understand that, the more people who truly get that concept, the faster we’ll grow.

That’s yet another reason I love Labor Day. Because I woke up this morning knowing that Trunite 2018 will continue our tradition of big September events.

I can’t wait to Unite and Grow in Denver with hard-working, innovative, like-minded people working together for a common good. That’s what this is all about. That’s what life is all about.

So as I sit here, reflecting on all the success I’ve seen, the work I’ve put in, and the joy I’ve found with so many others who have also put in that work…I want to take a moment to thank you.

Labor Day is a holiday that honors those who make this country great through their work. Likewise, the loyal shoppers and marketers of Trunited continue to propel each other forward toward a robust, successful, and joyous Trunited Nation.

So take this day to reflect on where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and where you’re going. Put in the effort now so that days off and celebrations of your work are not rare occasions, but instead a way of life.

All it takes is belief, followed by action. Belief in the platform. Belief in others. And most importantly, belief in yourself.

Turn that belief into action, however small, and sustain that action over time. Take this moment…now…to step up your actions so that they match your belief.

Long term success is achieved through a consistent, unwavering belief in taking the right actions short term.

Labor Day is a special day for me because I believed in a cause, I believed in myself, and I took the action necessary to see things through.

Set a goal for next Labor Day, and then plot the actions it will take to get to that goal. Before you know it, a year will have passed, and you’ll find yourself looking back on all that you’ve accomplished, thinking…

Labor Day is a very special day for me.”



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