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What it means:

30 Point Match is a term used to describe a qualification provision in the Pay Plan 360 algorithm that in order to earn match points for the referral of other users who shop on the Trunited platform, both the user and their referral must earn at least 30 personal profit points in a given month.  If less than 30 points are earned by one or the other, no match points are awarded to the referring user.

More Background and Detail:

At the end of the month, the entire network is scanned and reviewed by the system.  While everyone with points will earn cash back, in order to qualify for the marketer match, any positions below 30 points earned for the month will be omitted from the network structure for purposes of the Marketer Match.  Positions with 30 points and higher will compress together connecting all qualified network positions together for the Marketer Match.  This process is called the Skip Compression.  The system will then determine the total number of match points in the network for the month.  Once match point totals are determined, the system determines the Total Points to be paid for the month.  With that, the point value can be calculated.

The point value is determined by taking the payout pool for the month and dividing it by the total number of points for the month.  Once the point value is calculated, pointribution can take place which will reduce the personal points of every user who has earned points that month.  Once each position contributes its points back to the platform, the system determines each users post-pointribution total points and user payouts are made.  A user’s qualification of the 30 point match or the 100 point Best Practices Bonus is not affected by pointribution since it occurs after the closing of the month when qualifications are determined.

Because Pointribution is contributed from a user’s personal points, the number of Personal Match Up points they have remaining does potentially impact the number of match points this user earns.  Meaning, if a user drops to a personal point total that is less than that of any position in their depth credit, they will not match up on all the available points in their depth credit levels according to the rules.  As such, users are always encouraged to take pointribution in to consideration when planning their monthly point earnings to ensure full credit can be earned in the Match Up.  If a user ends up with 100 personal points, they match up to 100 points on any position in their qualified depth credit level.  If someone has earned 110 points, the user will match up on 100 points and the 10 points left out are not qualified to be matched on.

The 30 Point Match is easy to earn with all the products and brands affiliated with Trunited.”


Example A:

A Trunited user has earned 25 profit points this month and has connected someone who has earned 50 profit points.  Because the user didn’t reach the 30 point match requirement to participate in the marketer match, there are no match points earned for this connection.  The user is skipped and that 50 point earner will go to the first person who has 30+ points that month.

The user will still be paid on the 25 profit points this month.  There is no minimum requirement to be paid for points earned by shopping.  As a shopper, they must contribute 1 point in Pointribution resulting in 24 total points.  With a point value of $0.20 this month, the total earnings on 24 points is US $4.80

Example B:

A Trunited user earns 100 profit points in a month.  In addition, because they have personally referred 2 people who have earned 50 points.  All users in this example qualify for the marketer match.  So, the number of points earned by this user is:

100 Personal Points + 2 x 50 Match Points = 200 Total Points

The Point Value published by the company that month is 20 cents per point.

This user contributes back 1 + 1 personal points so their net total personal points is 98.

198 Total Points x $0.20 Point Value that month = $39.60 earned

Total monetary amount paid in Pointribution = $0.40


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