Pure Body Naturals™ Ylang Ylang Oil

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*With a sweet and floral aroma, Ylang Ylang helps reduce feelings of depression, anxiety, and anger while also enhancing mood. *Whether your skin is dry, oily, or somewhere in between, Ylang Ylang Oil helps you achieve the perfect complexion! *If your brush is collecting more hairs than it used to, Ylang Ylang Oil may be the remedy you've been searching for. It's also beneficial for existing hair, making it stronger, thicker and healthier. Buy Today | Earn Today

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Bring Balance to Your Life with Ylang Ylang! Ask yourself an honest question: How have you been feeling lately? If you’re like most of us, there are times when things seem off. Bad moods creep up out of nowhere, your skin isn’t as vibrant as it used to be, and your hair is looking flat and lifeless. They’re the kind of problems we usually just wait out, but isn’t time to be proactive?

Bring some balance back to your mind and body with organic Ylang Ylang Oil from Pure Body Naturals! Ylang Ylang is a versatile essential oil that can seemingly do it all. When used for aromatherapy, its sweet floral scent helps battle feelings of depression, anxiety, fear, anger, and even jealousy. You’ll see your mood elevate while it relaxes facial and muscle tension for an overall feeling of harmony.

When applied topically to the skin, Ylang Ylang regulates sebum production. This makes it great for those with oily skin, but it’s also ultra-hydrating (and non-greasy), making it perfect for dry skin as well. Likewise, application on the scalp has been shown to strengthen and nourishing existing shafts. Whether you’re looking to add it to your daily skin regime or just want an occasional mood boost, Ylang Ylang Oil is as good as it sounds!

To maximize results and safety, Pure Body Naturals sells only pure and unfiltered Ylang Ylang Oil. With hundreds of satisfied customers who love our essential oil line, we’re confident you’ll love it too!