Pure Body Naturals™ Unrefined Organic Shea Butter

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- Strong, Beautiful Hair - Nourishing Body Butter - Premium Quality - Great to have on-hand as a base for DIY products, it truly is an incredible, all-in-one butter! Buy Today | Earn Today

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Our shea butter has the highest quality in the world.

1. Our Shea Butter is a hard one. The harder shea butter, the more expensive. The price of shea butter depends in major part upon the hardness of the butter at the time of the ̱initial̨ drying period.

2. Our microbiology test shows 100% authentic and satisfies the highest standard.

(a) Aerobic Plate Count: <10 CFU/g

(b) E. Cloi: absent /1 g

(c) Pseucomonas aeruguinosa: absent /1 g

(d) Staphylococcus: absent /1 g

(e) Yeast Count: <10 CFU/g

(f) Mold Count: <10 CFU/g

3. Our Acidity Rate Analysis shows that our FAR -Free Fatty Acidty (as oleic) is 1.80%, the precious jewel in the shea butter industry

4. The constituent analysis shows that our shea butter is Grade AAA as follows:

(a) C 16: 0 Palmitic Acid _ 3.9%

(b) C 18: 0 Ceramide _ 44.7%

(c) C 18: 1 Oleic acid _ 44.0%

(d) C 18: 2 Linoleic acid _ 6.1%

(e) C 18: 3 _-Linolenic acid _ 0.0%

(f) C 20: 0 Arachidic Acid _ 1.3%

(g) C 20: 1 Polyunsaturated fatty acids_ 0.4%

(h) C 22: 0 Behenic Acid _ 0.0%

We are proud that we are presenting the most valuable and hard-to-find shea butter to our customers.