Pure Body Naturals™ Charcoal Creme Mask

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*Pure Body Naturals Charcoal Face Mask helps deter infection and draws out bacteria, dead skin cells and toxins. *Included in our Charcoal crème mask will leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated, soft and supple. *Restore your youthfulness and indulge your skin to leave it with a flawless, long-lasting radiant glow! *As well as its practical solutions, our crème will leave your skin supple, firm and rejuvenated leaving your skin healthy, happy and flawless! Buy Today | Earn Today

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Smooth. Soft. Supple. The Perfect Face Mask to give the look of boosted hydration, deep purification and intensive toning. 

Our completely natural Activated charcoal crème mask deters and removes any unwanted toxins, chemicals and dirt and instead enriches your skin reducing the formation of wrinkles and sagging with vitamins to leave it looking flawless and youthful. Expect supple and soft skin that lasts as it is treated with the best mask to keep your skin healthy, nourished and looking great.

This gentle, creamy skin quenching masque is loaded with clarifying Activated Charcoal, and extreme hydrators like Hyaluronic Acid, Organic Olive and Jojoba Oils, plus antioxidant rich Organic Rooibos, toning DMAE and more. Afterwards, skin feels deeply hydrated, soft and supple. This Masque is a pure skin magic, offering a synergistic, active delivery system that helps provide maximum ingredient impact.

Whether at a resort spa or at home spa, this is a pampering treat that give big rewards and provide the ultimate in total skin care. The Best Anti-Aging and Anti-Inflammatory Face mask has anti-inflammatory properties to make the skin plump, firm and smooth. Not only is our all-natural Charcoal crème mask healthy, healing and nourishing, but it makes your skin feel and look great.

It will deter and absorb dirt and unwanted toxins while restoring your skin with the nourishing vitamins it needs to look at its best: firm, smooth and youthful. Great For all skin types and all ages, our mask is thinner than most other generic mask to do its job of cleaning and nourishing quicker whilst doing it more effectively.