What is Trunited?

Trunited.com and Socialized Commerce is the brainchild of Dr. Nicolas Porter, a successful doctor, business founder and industry disruptor.

Dr. Nico, as he is affectionately called, started his career as a dentist. The fifth of eight children from humble means, he got into dentistry because he always remembered the burden he felt as a twelve-year-old when his dental needs exceeded what his family could afford. He vowed to one day change the industry and make quality dental practices that were accessible to, and affordable for, everyone.

In 2011, Dr. Nico’s vision became a reality as he opened the doors of the first ever location for Risas Dental and Braces. Focusing on the underserved Hispanic communities in Phoenix, Arizona and offering common sense approaches that had eluded dentistry for years, Risas saw immediate success and rapid growth, expanding to fifteen locations across Arizona and Colorado.

More importantly, Risas became a business that reflected Dr. Nico’s vision. Operations and procedures that normally cost too much for the average family to afford became available at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. Dr. Nico instituted customer-based policies (all offices open on evenings and weekends, flexible payment options, bilingual staff, etc.) and empowered his dentists with easy paths to ownership and a unique pay structure. He promoted a company culture of giving and sharing, and established Labor of Love, an annual Labor Day celebration that has allowed Risas to provide millions of dollars in free dental care to the Phoenix and Denver communities.

By establishing a shared culture and giving patients every reason to say yes to dental care, Dr. Nico has proven that lower prices in healthcare could mean more profit. Risas dentists make over three times the national average of dentists while working significantly fewer hours. Dr. Nico makes sure patients are taken care of, and knew that by doing this, his dentists would be taken care of; his staff would be taken care of; he would be taken care of.

Armed with the knowledge that his insights were industry-changing in healthcare, Dr. Nico decided to turn his sights on a new industry in need of disruption. And what resulted is the best way to answer the key question...What is Trunited?

Dr. Nico had briefly participated in direct sales earlier in his life. Fueled by a need to help those in his sphere of influence, he fought to find success and build a business while simultaneously working his way through dental school. Though he recognized many noble and powerful virtues behind the ideas in direct sales, he ultimately found the industry wanting. Too much money was being made at the top, with considerable roadblocks facing everyone else. Not enough focus was being placed on the end user which, as he would show in healthcare, is a recipe for disaster.

So when a former mentor in direct sales reached out to him in 2015, Dr. Nico listened intently. This was a man who had offered help, guidance, and support to Dr. Nico in the past and had asked for nothing in return. This was a man who had reached levels of financial success in the direct sales industry the degree to which most people could only dream. This was a man in need of help.

He had reached amazing levels of success, sure, but nobody around him was making any money. The system was set up in such a way that the people he was bringing in were no longer being served in their best interest.

And so he talked to Dr. Nico, with tears in his eyes, and asked what could be done to transform the industry. And Dr. Nico, with a new mission on his mind, went to work.

What is Trunited? It's the result of Dr. Nico's emerging vision of a better system of commerce for everyone.

Taking the aspects of direct sales that worked and made sense, and then applying the principles and breakthroughs that had allowed him to revolutionize many aspects of dentistry, Dr. Nico began to make important connections. He started to see things come together, and he reached an epiphany.

He didn’t need to compete with direct sales companies. No. He needed to give the thousands and thousands of people who enter into direct sales every week a completely new option. He needed to compete with the Amazons and Facebooks of the world.

In today’s marketplace, everything you need can be found online. Amazon has large warehouses and shipping centers in place to get you what you want when you want it. Facebook makes it easy to connect with friends and share thoughts and ideas on the newest and best things out there. And virtually every company has an online store now that rivals or far surpasses their brick and mortar versions. Thanks to advancements, shopping has never been easier and more convenient.

But the great thing about progress, Dr. Nico, reasoned, is that it never has to stop. So what is the next progression from being able to order anything you want online and getting it delivered to you the next day?

Simple. Ordering anything you want online and getting paid to do it. Dr. Nico knew how to make that happen.

What Is Socialized Commerce?

"What is Trunited?" and "What is Socialized Commerce?" are very similar questions, as Trunited is currently the exclusive platform of Socialized Commerce.

Socialized Commerce is, in its simplest form, putting socializing and commerce together for the benefit of everyone.

In social media, you make connections with other people, who make more connections, and then each person creates content until a large network of individuals has been created that provides that content to everyone involved. Socialized Commerce works the same way, except instead of creating content, the users in the Network create commerce. So instead of getting the benefit of knowing what your friends are doing and vice versa, you all get the benefit of sharing in the money made through your collective effort.

Socialized Commerce is in many ways an extension of social commerce. Social commerce has been around for years. It’s the act of influencing others to buy products through online influence, and it is a multi-billion-dollar industry. What separates social commerce from Socialized Commerce, primarily, is where all of that money goes.

In social commerce, the money goes to the social media site. These social recommendations are very powerful, as studies have shown we are much more likely to listen to a recommendation from a friend than we are to make a decision based off of an advertisement. Consequently, businesses pay top dollar to sites like Facebook in order to promote their products on its platform in the hopes that the power of social commerce will take hold. There are ways for every day users to monetize this influence, but they are very limited in scope, apply primarily only to those with large audiences and extreme influence, and account for a very small portion of the money that is being made through these social interactions.

Socialized Commerce provides a platform, Trunited, dedicated to rewarding those who are responsible for the creation of that commerce. It rewards those who purchase on the platform and those who influence others to create more commerce.